The Voith fam is pretty cute. Even cuter at the white sandy beaches in Florida. Take one look at that little smiling face and you'll be smiling too, her joy is contagious! I had so much fun playing in the sand with this sweet squishy and her parents...does life get any better than sand sun and photos on the southern coast line? No, no it does not.



I met Melissa when we were freshman at UNT. (Go mean green) It is crazy cool to watch someone grow up, get married and become a Mommy (x4!!!) I'm just astounded by her grace and beauty. Joshua is pretty cool too, make that really cool, he basically knows everything there is to know about cameras and technology so we may or may not nerd out sometimes together.  Talk about an adventurous couple, they live with the their, now 4, little ones overseas in Ethiopia and I miss them all the time! So glad I got to catch them on camera over Christmas before they headed back East. 



I've known Mitchem for what seems like forever, and got to know Marcy when all three of us got to serve in the 2 year old room for the kids ministry at our church! They're two of the most patient and kind hearted people you will ever meet, Boden is so lucky to call them Mom and Dad. Marcy and Mitchem welcomed this little nugget in August, and you can tell they're in love. Marcy is a fellow photog so the pressure was on, but she was beyond happy with her photos so that felt AWESOME. I loved getting to see his sweet nursery all set up, and their home just felt even more complete with baby Boden in it.  As you can see, there was much snuggling going on, just as it should be.