Senior: Caroline

I got to meet this gorgeous girl in one of our (required) statistics classes at UT Dallas. I was like, well this is going to be torture soooo I better find someone to make friends with QUICK. I walked over to where she was sitting and was like "Hey I'm Kaylynn, you remind me of my sister, can I sit here?" She kind of laughed and said "Sure." So clearly that was a good decision on my part because we've been friends ever since. She has such a kind heart and beautiful mind! I was so honored to take these photos to commemorate all her hard work and I couldn't have asked for a better model because well, just LOOK. She failed to mention all these years that she's secretly a professional model, nbd. Congrats girl, so excited for you and all this new chapter holds! 

Style and Photos: Yours Truly  Model: Caroline Calabrese  Threads: Free People


Ooooook guys, this handsome human right here is Mason, and guess what? He's almost done with high school at  J.J. Pearce in Richardson. Can we all just agree that high school seems crazy long when you're in it, but then seems like the tiniest drop in the bucket of life when you're walking across that stage?  Mason is hilarious and genuine, and has all kinds of skills. Soccer skills, ukulele skills (which I forced him to demonstrate for me and it was amazing, obviously) and he's part of his youth group at church. This is one brave and selfless young man too y'all. He's headed off to the Marine's as soon as that tassel goes from right to left!  It's not hard to see why his family is so ridiculously proud of him. Thanks for being such a great sport  letting me take your photos Mason!! And telling me how to kill a chicken (or was it a duck?) I don't remember, I'm trying to forget.


This whole springtime in February thing was in full effect for us over the weekend and we were totally ok with it. Look at this lovely girl! She's such a natural, our Downtown headshot session was easy breezy! Coffee and sunshine and photos? That's mind kind of friday, and when my clients are this beautiful I just have to share!!


It's Senior season y'all! Kicking things off this year with my absolute favorite one (yes, I'm totally biased.) She's always willing to go a-photo-shootin' with me even when it's freezing cold outside, she's such a great sport! This girl and I used to ride horses together from the time when she was about 3 years old and now she's taken her love of those ponies to the classroom. Ms. Meryl MacKenzie has almost completed her studies in Animal Science and continues to pursue even greater heights (sorry I had to) in her hunter jumper career. She's as goofy as she is gorgeous and I can't wait to see what adventure she'll take on next!  

Say Hello to the Vander Heys!

  Another year has come and gone and these sweet humans are still the light of my life every week as they lead our home group in becoming more like Jesus.  I've probably eaten more meals at their house than in my own home, because lets be real, I'm a lot more comfortable behind the camera than I am in the kitchen and Melissa is always making something delicious! But here's the thing, having an open table is just a tiny part of it.

  Josh and Melissa live their lives with an open door, to friends, family, neighbors, and strangers. They're raising some of the most well behaved precious little humans I've ever had the pleasure of playing construction site with, just look at those happy faces! I can't really put in to words how incredible they are, and how well they love people. So if you don't already know them, you should, they're genuine welcoming hearts are sure to make you feel at home in no time. And they'll probably try to feed you. 

The Chessmans

These are the Chessmans. They are the brains, beauty, brawn (and baby) behind Jubilee Farm in Denton, Texas.  You know those people are who are creative and kind hearted and hilarious all at the same time? Yeah. Ben and Jade are those people. And baby Elijah? Well, he stole my heart over and over again with that smile, and those suspenders! I felt right at home on this little farm on the hill and had such a great time snapping some photos as the sun went down. 

Cheers to 10 Years!

This handsome little family is celebrating 10 years together! Brian and Ruth are two incredibly kind and talented people, (Ruth makes the most beautiful woodwork pieces you've ever seen) and they were basically like top models for me, workin' the camera like nobody's business, as you can see below. Their sweet son Joshua is an endless source of joy and energy, he is one cool little guy! They wanted some photographs in their home that captured their love and their unity as a family, and I think it's safe to say we did just that. I can't wait to invite myself over to see how these photos fit into their lovely home!