One Down, Forever To Go!

About a month ago Danny called me up and said he wanted to surprise his sweet wife with some anniversary photos. How adorable is that? What a precious husband thing to do!  So happy I could capture some photos for these twitterpated humans as they celebrated one whole year of marriage! I'm sure anyone who's married will tell you that it's awesome, AND it is work. Really hard but really good and rewarding work, and you can tell just how much these two have put into caring for one another just by the way they look at each other. Congratulations Kriegs!! Love y'all! 


Ooooook guys, this handsome human right here is Mason, and guess what? He's almost done with high school at  J.J. Pearce in Richardson. Can we all just agree that high school seems crazy long when you're in it, but then seems like the tiniest drop in the bucket of life when you're walking across that stage?  Mason is hilarious and genuine, and has all kinds of skills. Soccer skills, ukulele skills (which I forced him to demonstrate for me and it was amazing, obviously) and he's part of his youth group at church. This is one brave and selfless young man too y'all. He's headed off to the Marine's as soon as that tassel goes from right to left!  It's not hard to see why his family is so ridiculously proud of him. Thanks for being such a great sport  letting me take your photos Mason!! And telling me how to kill a chicken (or was it a duck?) I don't remember, I'm trying to forget.


It's Senior season y'all! Kicking things off this year with my absolute favorite one (yes, I'm totally biased.) She's always willing to go a-photo-shootin' with me even when it's freezing cold outside, she's such a great sport! This girl and I used to ride horses together from the time when she was about 3 years old and now she's taken her love of those ponies to the classroom. Ms. Meryl MacKenzie has almost completed her studies in Animal Science and continues to pursue even greater heights (sorry I had to) in her hunter jumper career. She's as goofy as she is gorgeous and I can't wait to see what adventure she'll take on next!