Say Hello to the Vander Heys!

  Another year has come and gone and these sweet humans are still the light of my life every week as they lead our home group in becoming more like Jesus.  I've probably eaten more meals at their house than in my own home, because lets be real, I'm a lot more comfortable behind the camera than I am in the kitchen and Melissa is always making something delicious! But here's the thing, having an open table is just a tiny part of it.

  Josh and Melissa live their lives with an open door, to friends, family, neighbors, and strangers. They're raising some of the most well behaved precious little humans I've ever had the pleasure of playing construction site with, just look at those happy faces! I can't really put in to words how incredible they are, and how well they love people. So if you don't already know them, you should, they're genuine welcoming hearts are sure to make you feel at home in no time. And they'll probably try to feed you.